• Santa Tomsone

How to choose a professional photographer for any occasion?

It can be very challenging to find the right professional to capture your precious memories. That’s why I put myself into client’s shoes and asked myself: how I would choose a professional photographer for any occasion?

I still believe that referrals from family and friends plays a major role of choosing photographer for your family. Most importantly, these will be honest opinions, as your family and friends wants you to have the best experience. Before rushing into any decision, I would look up about the photographer on the internet, to check out their portfolio and style, as well as other reviews, and a bit about them. If I would really like their work, I would organise a consultation, as I believe when you see the person and talk to them, you’ll know if they are going to be suitable for the job, and more important, if you get on. In my opinion, it’s very important to feel comfortable and relaxed around the photographer, which means natural and relaxed photographs. Also, it’s about having fun while having a photo session with your family.

There are other options, how to find the right professional for any occasion, like, look up professional photographers on Google, wedding fairs, social media, as well as other advertising sites.

Remember, think about what style you want, where you gonna display your photos, is it for social media, or canvas for your living room. If you know what you are looking for, you’ll definitely find the right professional.

With love,

Santa xx

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