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Top 5 Tips For Making A Photo Session With Kids Easier

Family is the most important thing in our lives, therefore, it’s so important to capture every moment in our lives. We start collecting memories since birth, following birthdays, holidays, school activities, days out, christenings, weddings, etc. Isn’t it so nice to look back at our photos, and remember the good and fun times, emotions, and our dearest?

Don’t we all get frustrated when kids don’t want to be in the family portrait or smile for 10 seconds while photographer is pressing the button? Kids can be very challenging to photograph, as it’s not their priority to pose for photos. They are more interested what’s happening around, playing games, and discovering what is going on in nearest tree. And, have you ever seen kids staying still for more than five minutes? I haven’t, as a photographer I captured newborns till teenage years. Each and every age is different and you’ll need a different approach to each and every of them.

Here are my top 5 tips for making a photo session with kids easier:

1. Don’t force kids doing something that they don’t like, instead suggest fun ways how to interact and keep them occupied. Location plays a major role too. You don’t want kids to be trapped in small spaces, as we all know they love to run, jump, and just be kids.

2. Time. Don’t make your photo session too long, as they will get bored and loose attention. The best option would be to have 10-15 minutes photos, then little break, and afterwards again 10-15 minutes photos. You’ll need to judge from the situation.

3. Add fun props to your photo session, like toys, bubbles, birthday cake, if it’s their special day, choose props that would be relevant to the person; also, ask family if there is anything that they would love to have in the photo, an example, baby’s first toy, etc.

4. I bet everyone has a special treat box. Use it! I know it might sound like a blackmailing, but it works. After the photo session, ask little one to pick a treat from the box as he/she has been very well behaved.

5. Just remember, kids will always be kids. They love messing around and be naughty. Sometimes its better to leave them playing and get the candid shots for more natural look or you get involved into their games and get your perfect photos that way. Most importantly, it’s about having fun and enjoy yourself. Kids love having fun, why don’t we join them!

With Love,

Santa xxx

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