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Tips For Beautiful Spring & Summer Photos

Don’t we all love sunshine, blossoms in spring, the smell of freshly cut grass, birds singing, and the warm summer evenings by the fire? Finally the nature wakes up after a long winters sleep and puts a big smile on everyones faces. It certainly puts a big smile on my face. Today I want to talk about how to create beautiful spring and summer photos that you would cherish forever.

Is it the first sunshine that makes us all happy and smiley, or is it the first flowers that brings colour back into our lives? Every little thing is like a piece of jigsaw that comes together in spring and creates an amazing atmosphere around us. Therefore, this is perfect time to grab your camera and get out of the house, and create some beautiful memories, and enjoy the nature.

Here are some tips for beautiful spring and summer photos:

  • Go out and find your perfect location, whereas it’s your local park, hills, seaside, or simply just countryside. Use what’s around you. Every location has its own beauty.

  • Embrace daylight. I love using natural light for my photos. There are so many options, an example, sunrise and sunset will add a soft look to your images. Even harsh daylight could be turned into your favour by finding a shade or use umbrella. The possibilities are endless, you just need to think outside the box. For my location photo sessions I would always use natural light, as well as add speed lights and reflector if needed.

  • Perfect composition. When you are creating your photos, think about composition. Think what you want in your image, what message do you want to tell; also think about rule of thirds. When I’m photographing portraits, I would always find out more about my client, what they like, and what they don’t like, if there is anything they would like to add, like jewellery, something that would reflect their personality, or hobby. Every little thing will help creating a composition.

  • Vibrant colours. I love colours in spring and summer. You can find so many different colours around you, and each and every of them will complement your image. I love creating contrasts, an example a beautiful bride in white wedding dress will look amazing on a green background. Depending what you are photographing, there are so many options and possibilities, just look around you and use what you have.

Most importantly, enjoy the spring and summer time, and remember the little things makes us happy. Sometimes we just need to stop for a few minutes from our busy lifestyles and look around.

I hope you enjoyed it! And keep smiling!

With love,

Santa xx

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