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That perfect photo!

Nowadays everything is about that perfect ‘selfie’ where we look glamorous, sexy, beautiful, natural, and simply just like ‘million dollars’. And I know what are you thinking: “How other girls look so amazing on photos, but I can never achieve that?” Don’t be sad, because I believe anyone can have amazing photos taken with a little though, planning, and preparation.

Therefore, I’ll guide you through how to look good in your photos, whereas you taking your tenth selfie, or someone else is taking photos of you.

First of all, what do we see when we look at the photo? Is it composition, colour, emotions, people, location, or mood? In my opinion, all of the above factors matter, and all of them together will create your perfect photo.

I’ll start with a story. Every photo will tell you a little story, whether it’s on holiday, a new project, a party, or just catching up with friends. Think about what do you want to tell your friends and family when creating your perfect photo, and most importantly what memories do you want to capture.

I believe that composition plays a major role in photograph. You have to consider location, lighting, subject, style, and props. All these little things together will create a composition, as well as tell a story. Also, try different angles and viewpoints when taking photos.

As a photographer I love natural locations, like, forest, beach, garden, nearby park, etc., these locations create some beautiful backgrounds, photos look natural, and most importantly, people feel more relaxed.

Lighting will add some drama to your photos. Think about where your little photo shoot will take place (indoors or outdoors). Think about what sort of lighting you’ll gonna use: is it natural light or artificial. I love natural light because skin tone always looks flawless and beautiful in photos, but sometimes you’ll need to add flash to create highlights. It’s all about experimenting and trying out different things.

I love portraiture, so people are my main subject. My style is natural and relaxed, I believe that when my model is happy and relaxed, the final image will show that. Its people who create memories, so its down to people what style to have, whereas its family day out, birthday party, or other special occasion.

Finally, what props to use in your photo? The best option is to choose something that would compliment the composition, as well as help enhance the story. I tend to create contrast between model and background, an example, if I’m taking photos in the garden, I would have my model to wear red dress. The possibilities are endless. Just unleash your creative side.

Most importantly, when photographing people, think about all the above. Be creative! And look outside “the box”!

If you are in front of the camera, be natural, relax, and don’t think about posing. The best photos are the ones where you don’t pose. We all are beautiful. Remember - have some fun! It’s about creating happy memories.

Keep smiling! :)

With love,

Santa xx

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